Mystery Men (1999): Crazy Scientist Lab


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The clip crazy scientist lab from Mystery Men (1999) with William H. Macy, Paul Reubens

Why does he live in a deserted amusement park?
Because he's an eccentric genius.
I'll take point. You two flank. Let's triangulate.
Equilateral or isosceles?
Just go.
Who would want to rent a chicken?
It's weird in here. It's scary and weird.
There's another chicken.
Crazy chicken world.
Dr. Heller?
We come in peace.
Shovel Head?
The Shoveler. We met at the old folks' home.
Of course.
Fork Man?
No, I'm the Spleen. To see my power, pull my finger.
Please, don't!
No, sir, don't!
Dr. Heller, we're on a mission. We've come for weapons.
Shouldn't we see a diploma or something first?
You came to the right place, baby. Step into my office.

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