Mystery Men (1999): Victory Celebration


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The clip victory celebration from Mystery Men (1999) with Janeane Garofalo

The relationship you have with your mother affects every dynamic in your life.
It's true, quite true.
What? What?
Yes, I know a father's role is vital in a child's life as well.
No, I'm not disrespecting you.
You have to allow me to have conversations in a bar...
...and talk to my new friends.
Anyway, I'm an adult now.
Do you want to go back in the bag?
Is that how we're gonna do it now? You make the rules.
If you don't zip it...
I was going to say that parents can be quite problematic.
Tell me about it.
There's not enough beer in the world. I'm sorry.
"I'm sorry. "
You've got to live in truth.
The woman's a tiger.
Barkeep, another round...
...for my sweet team of superfriends.
Barkeep, another round for the super...
That's what's so cool about this team.
Everyone has their own powers for all these different situations.
Pull my finger.
I was just thinking.
I was wondering when we might see your superpower.
It'll happen, kid. Don't worry.
I say, "sabotage. "

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