Mystery Men (1999): Kill Captain Amazing Part 2


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The clip kill captain amazing Part 2 from Mystery Men (1999) with Ben Stiller

Does he understand what I'm asking?
Hold on a second. Exactly how many toggle flips in toto...
...are involved in this procedure?
I just... It's... seven!
Flip it!
Everybody, hold the phone.
You phrased that incorrectly. How many toggle flips are needed...
...not counting the gratuitous toggle flip you may have asked for...
... in a moment of panic.
Flip it!
Could we just start again? Is there a reset button on this thing?
No, you freak, there's no reset button. Flip the switch, lady.
Don't stare at me. Lift your left arm. Flip it, moron!
You're a moron!
I am not!
Don't call her a moron. That's not cool.
Thank you.
I will do it!
Flip the switch.
It's this one, yes?
Wrong switch.
Everybody heard me say, "Reset button," right?

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