Mystery Men (1999): Superhero Tryouts


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The clip superhero tryouts from Mystery Men (1999) with Jenifer Lewis, William H. Macy

I don't deserve this.
I know.
A lot of other men I could have married.
I understand.
If one person vomits in my pool, I'll divorce you.
That's fair.
Come on, kids!
State your name and power.
I am the Waffler.
With my griddle of justice, I bash the enemy in the head...
...or I burn them like so.
Don't do that.
I also have my truth syrup, which is low fat.
And I'm working on a theme song.
"Waffle Man, I am the Waffler
"Golden, crispy, bad guys are history"
And I'm running. Just think about it.
Do you have a health plan? Maybe dental? Eye?
Hi. I am Pencilhead.
And I am Son of Pencilhead!
We erase crime.
Two generations of...
Yes, thank you.
Did I do all right?
Yes, I think they liked us.
I'm the Ballerina Man.
I don't need to see that.
I am-
You copied me.
You copied me.
Did not!
Ladies, now let's play nicely.
I'd say there's potential... there.
I be the Bullfighter. I fight the bull!
Greetings, fellow crime fighters. I am Radio Man.

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