Mystery Men (1999): Pleading


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The clip pleading from Mystery Men (1999)

He makes a wonderful trophy, don't you think?
I think we need to talk about your plans here.
You know my plans, Lancie.
Tomorrow night...
...I'm going to kill you.
That's the part that really doesn't work for me.
When the clock strikes 12:00...
...cuckoo, cuckoo... will be dead...
...and my city will be given a new state of mind.
You must go with what you're comfortable with...
...but, I just keep coming back to this place.
I'm spitballing here, but maybe we release...
...the Captain to the authorities.
I say you're completely reformed. Wink. There's rejoicing in the streets.
Then, at that point, you do the whole destruction-of-the-city thing.
I mean, is it a perfect plan?
And I think that's what I like about it.
Okay, that's great. Turn off the lights now.
It was just an idea! Wait, I got a better one.
You let me live, I am your sidekick.
I'm like Amazing Boy or...
Are you sure Captain Amazing is in there?

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