Mystery Men (1999): Press Field Day


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The clip press field day from Mystery Men (1999) with William H. Macy, Wes Studi

No one could survive the chaos we've just witnessed here.
But as the dust begins to settle over the ruins of Casanova's mansion...
...the question remains:
Who were these brave heroes that gave their lives to save our city tonight?
Did that frakulator work, or what? What's the deal?
Something's moving. People are coming out.
Could you tell us what's going on?
Hi. Excuse me.
Excuse me. Can you tell us what happened here tonight?
We did it. We won.
Hey, that's my team.
We struck down evil with the mighty sword of teamwork...
... and the hammer of not-bickering.
We are number one.
All others are number two or lower.
Who are you guys?
They call me the Shoveler.
That's my dad.
My hero.
I'm the Bowler. Hello.
Blue Raja, master of silverware. Hi, Mom.
I mean, cheerio, Mummy.
And you, sir. What's your name and your superpower?
My name's Roy.
I'm in a super amount of pain. Could you leave me alone?
His name's Mr. Furious, and his power comes from his boundless rage.
Excuse me. Could I say something? I think we would all like this victory... go out to all the other guys.
The people in this city...
...who are super good at their jobs but never get credit... the lady in the D.M.V. That's a rough job.
To the people that remember jingles from old commercials.
People that support local music and independent film.
The guy that drives the snowplow. The school nurse-
Eddie, I think they got the point.
What's the name of this group?
The Super Dudes.
No, not the Super Dudes.
We don't have a name yet, but we're definitely not the Super Dudes.
I gotta get home. It's late.
Picture, picture time.
Whatever you call them, Champion City will forever...
...owe a debt of gratitude to these mystery men.
Wait. That's it.
We are the Super Squad.

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