Dragonfly (2002): Talking to Sister Madeline


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The clip talking to sister madeline from Dragonfly (2002) with Kevin Costner, Linda Hunt

in miracles anymore, I was witnessing miracles every day.
And the pediatric oncology ward...
was the perfect laboratory to study it-
the near-death experience.
Being kids, they were more open to what happens...
on the other side.
You're convinced it's not just in their minds?
Just in their minds?
What we're experiencing right now could be just in your mind.
You're a doctor because you dreamed...
of being one, right?
You imagined that...
for yourself.
If we can create this world with what we imagine...
why not the next?
So you're saying, belief-
Gets us there.
Did Emily believe?
Because I think she got there.
I believe she's trying to contact me.
Two kids have seen her.
One was flat-lined, another in a coma.
In the tunnel? In a rainbow.
Trying to tell me something, something urgent.
But I don't know what.
And they
they- they draw this...
after they've- after they've seen her.
Have you ever seen this before?

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