Dragonfly (2002): Talking to Mrs. Belmont


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The clip talking to Mrs. Belmont from Dragonfly (2002) with Kevin Costner, Kathy Bates

Christine, the boy in 312
Yes. Did he know my wife?
I don't think so. I think he just came in two weeks ago.
Yeah. On the third in a coma. Septic shock.
Why, Joe?
The first kid, he calls my name...
I follow him in to the I.C.U...
where he flat-lines, dies.
Then when he's resuscitated, says he saw me while he's floating around the ceiling.
And that Emily- who he met in a rainbow-
sent him back to tell me something.
Tell you what?
He doesn't remember. But the next kid does.
You want jelly? I got two kinds.
Are you taking me seriously? Yes. Is strawberry okay?
What does it matter? Do you
Do you hear what I'm telling you?
I'm just trying to focus on something real here, Joe.
And you think this isn't? Doesn't sound it so far.
Listen to me, Joe.
After Hannah died, I- I saw her everywhere.
She told me I know she was watching over me...
if I saw a daisy growing out of the ground with all the petals missing except one.
We used to play "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not. "
And one day, I saw an entire field of one-petaled daisies.
Well, there you go. How do you explain that?
I was delusional. Well, I'm not, okay?
I had these conversations.
Aren't you the guy that doesn't believe in heaven?
This isn't heaven. This is rainbows.
Oh. And she wants you to join her inside a rainbow?
According to these kids, that's accurate.
Well, according to me, they're putting you on.
So you think they're lying. I'm a lawyer, Joe.

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