Dragonfly (2002): Jeffrey's Dad Arrives


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The clip jeffrey's dad arrives from Dragonfly (2002) with Robert Bailey Jr., Kevin Costner

I'm fine. We were-
He wanted to know what happened yesterday.
His heart stopped again. I know.
I was there, actually.
He wanted to know what happened...
while it was stopped.
Oh. Telling one of his tall tales again.
Trying to get on TV.
I'm gonna give him a dust mop next time so he can sweep the ceiling while he's up there.
My daddy don't believe me.
He do the "bald spot" on you?
It don't work on everybody.
Just us bald guys, huh? Phew! Yeah, he got me with that one too.
You had me going there, Jeffrey. It was the truth.
You don't believe me?
What if I do remember what she wants to tell you...
then would you believe me?
Do you remember it?
If you come back, I might.
What who wants to tell him?
His wife. She wants me to tell him something.
Probably to take out the trash, huh?

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