Destry Rides Again (1939): Found a Body, in Good Condition, Too


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The clip Found a body, in good condition, too from Destry Rides Again (1939)

The Mayor tells me you've been asking around about Keogh!
We figured as long as we had a sheriff s office,
we might as well do something!
If I was you... I'll be back in just a minute!
Now, I liked that. Good! Then you can buy me a drink, huh?
Fine! That's all for now, boys!
That's the idea of the song: Get me a free drink! I sorta gathered that!
You liked it, huh? Yeah, it was all right!
I'll sing it again for you! Hit the music! I'm telling you now:
Keogh left town!
Yeah, well, that's what I say!
Then again we thought he maybe left somethin' behind!
You know, like a body, maybe!
Oh, of course, of course!
Naturally, you couldn't prove no case without one, could ya?
That's right, Mayor, that's right!
But suppose we knew where there was one?
It's in pretty good condition too!
That's a fine, lively conversation when a lady wants a drink!
Come on, take me over to the bar! You stay where you are!
I haven't settled up with Destry yet!!!
About that big favor he did me at the ranch!
That calls for some wine! The best!
Sit down!
Well, that's mighty nice of Mr! Kent!
Sit down and have some wine!
Ice up some of that wine, send it over to the table!

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