Destry Rides Again (1939): Missing Pants


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The clip Missing pants from Destry Rides Again (1939)

What's that thing? It's one of the new chamois skins!
Takes the shine off your nose! Land sakes! What'll they...
Look, girls! Look at that!
Chamois skins. Takes the shine off your nose, she says.
Look! Isn't that lovely?
You should've seen the parasol that came with it!
About the size of a pie! Ohh! It must've been darling!
Make the most of it today! Everybody in town'll copy it tomorrow!
Including your wildcat friend across the street!
I'd like to make a dress for her: Half tar, half feathers!
You came out on the coach with Mr! Destry! What's your opinion of him?
I know a little about him! Apparently very nice!
Certainly different from the rest of the men you meet out in this country!
I'll say he's different! 'Course I may be a little prejudiced!
After all, it's kinda hard to judge character!!!
Through eight gallons of water!
Mrs! Callahan, may I speak to you just a moment, please?
Certainly, Mr! Loupgerou! Come right in!
That is a little bit impossible!
Would you please come over here?
Uh, excuse me, girls! Certainly!
What's the matter? Prunes every day for breakfast I don't mind!
Torn sheets I've got used to!
But pants, I cannot swallow! What are you talkin' about?
Pants! Mine are gone! Oh!
Don't go away!

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