Destry Rides Again (1939): Playing Poker


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The clip Playing poker from Destry Rides Again (1939)

How's everybody doing? Not bad. Not bad.
I could use a little touch of that rabbit's foot of yours! I say you could!
He'll need more than a rabbit's foot to catch up with me!
I'll more than likely own this whole shebang before the night's over!
Then you'll be workin' for me, Frenchy!
That's fine! Maybe I can get a little raise!
You betcha can! You betcha can!
Anybody like a sandwich?
No, but I'll have some coffee! Me too.
Yeah, I'll take some! None for me, thanks.
Bet 50!
Oh! I'll stay!
Let's keep the small fry out! I'll make it 100!
I fold.
Ace-ten bets!
Ace oughta be worth about, uh, 500!
Not me!
I'll stay!
I drop!
Pair of eights bets!
Bet 1,000!
Pair of eights, huh?
Well, I got an eight myself, so I don't think you got three of'em!
But just to find out, I'll bump ya 2,000! Eh, Frenchy?
All or nothin', I always say! Me too!
I'll call!
Last card coming up!

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