Destry Rides Again (1939): A Bad Kind of Poker Game Part 4


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The clip A bad kind of Poker game Part 4 from Destry Rides Again (1939)

Ohh! Golly, that's hot!
Can't ya be more careful, Frenchy?
My heel caught on something! Let me wipe you off!
Oh, that's all right, Frenchy! Accidents'll happen!
I'm sorry! That's all right! Forget it! Forget it!
Let's play poker! Callin' my bet or ain't ya?
I'll call!
Three shining aces!
I had an ace in the hole! How'd that deuce get there?
Maybe you only seen one end of it! I saw what I saw!
Well, I guess that makes my two pair good!
You take your hands off that pot! Behave yourself!
You keep outta this. You were bluffing, and you were called!
You're all a bunch of crooks, but ya ain't cheatin' me!
Take it easy, partner!
I'll show ya how I'll take it!
Quiet! Quiet!
Nice work, honey! Practice makes perfect!
Well, that does it! This gives us a solid strip of land right across the valley!
And what do we do now?
Nothin' 'til them cattle men try to drive their herds through without payin'!
How many steers will come through? Last year, there were 350,000!
Now, if we charge 'em 25 cents a head...
That makes... $87,500!
Now that's money! We're rich!
I'll get my gal's teeth plugged with diamonds!!!
And just sit and watch her smile!
Uh-uh! I'll take care of that!
I'd rather have cash in the bank!

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