Destry Rides Again (1939): Introducing Destry


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The clip Introducing Destry from Destry Rides Again (1939) with Irene Hervey, James Stewart

Oh, Jack, leave the driver alone.
Trip's almost over! I don't mind the bumps!
I do! If he don't take it easy, I'll blow his head off!
Please don't mind my brother, Mr. Destry.
He's always threatening to blow people's heads off.
I had a friend once! His name was Stubbs!
He was always goin' around threatenin' to blow people's heads off!
One day, a fella came along and took him up on it! Well?
Well, folks say that now Stubbs' forehead!!!
Is holdin' up the prettiest tombstone in Green Lawn Cemetery!
Very funny.
I been handlin' cattle around these parts for quite a spell!!!
And met some of the toughest hombres they got,
and I'm still here.
This ain't no ornament!
Pretty good with it!
So was Stubbs!
Meaning just exactly what?
Well, I just mean you gotta be careful who you meet up with!
You know, you got some pretty peculiar ideas for a deputy sheriff!
But they make sense!
Oh, so I'm supposed to ride!!!
In this confounded contraption gettin' bumped around like this!!!
And grin like a baboon! Well, maybe you should take up a hobby, like me!
You'd be surprised the genuine rage you can work off!!!
Just by carving a little piece of wood!
Are you sure your name is Destry?
Folks is always askin' me that!
Oh, I beg your pardon!
? LittleJoe ?

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