Destry Rides Again (1939): Between the Bottle and the Badge


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The clip Between the bottle and the badge from Destry Rides Again (1939) with Marlene Dietrich, Charles Winninger

Quiet, everybody!
To our new sheriff, Washington Dimsdale!
A long life!
A long life! That's pretty good!
Wash, aren't you drinking to yourself?
Oh, sure, sure, sure, sure!
Frenchy, am I really the sheriff?
Well, sure, you are! Then I am off the liquor!
A man has gotta choose between the bottle and the badge!
Why, he didn't say that... or did he?
Laugh, you fools!
I'm tellin' ya this town of Bottleneck has gotta respect law and order,
or I'll put everybody in jail!
The Sheriff s right! Now you can see why I chose such a strong-minded man!
We're all with ya, Sheriff!
If you need any help, I'll be your deputy! No need to bother!
I want a deputy like I was when Destry was my boss!
Why, we handled a much tougher and ornery a crowd than I see present!
Why, when we started shootin', they ran outta town so fast,
the breeze from their coattails set off a sizeable windmill!
But Destry is dead! That makes him the right man for the job!
Saves us a lot of trouble! Is that so?
Well, young Tom ain't dead, and his father brought him up!!!
To be the toughest and fightinest man that ever growed up in the west!
He ain't got as big a name as his pa, but he cleaned up Tombstone!
And I'm sendin' for him to be my deputy!
And when he gets here!!!
Destry will ride again!

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