Two Weeks Notice (2002): Licking Envelopes


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The clip Licking envelopes from Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Especially the muni-codes because I'll need those.
I'm gonna speak with Mr. Wade.
Mr. Wade, so sorry to bother.
I've been over the Environmental Impact Reports for Island Towers.
I would really love to talk to you.
Very good.
I really wanted to ask you: Which one of these do you prefer?
How do you mean?
It's for my new personalized stationery.
Is this a trick question? They look exactly the same to me.
No, not at all. This is a linen finish and this is a watermarked vellum finish.
Leaving aside the fact that they've taken perfectly good forests...
...and denuded them in order to produce this nonrecyclable paper...
...I would say it was...
Well, then this one. It tastes better.
Do you know, I've asked 30 people that question.
You're the only one to come up with that answer.
My God, you're good. I'm getting you a bigger office.
No, it's very sweet, but I'd rather go over the...

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