Two Weeks Notice (2002): Lucy's Interviews


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The clip Lucy's interviews from Two Weeks Notice (2002) with Tim Kang, Sandra Bullock

I am really looking forward to a new challenge...
...and your firm has the optimal blend of public and private interest law.
Lucy, your resume is amazing. You know that.
But we do a lot of business with Wade.
All the more reason for me to make a smooth transition.
George Wade called me this morning and informed me...
...that you are indispensable to his organization.
At the moment, we're not hiring.
Then why did you agree to see me?
Honestly, we're partners with Zodiac Construction...
They do millions of dollars of business with Wade Realty...
And Mr. Wade...
Doesn't want you to hire me.
The attorney who was planning to quit reconsidered.
When did Mr. Wade call?
Mr. Wade never called.
Maybe an hour ago.

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