American Pie Presents Beta House (2007): Shooting Water Balloons


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The clip Shooting Water Balloons from American Pie Presents Beta House (2007)

All right, boys. We got a live one here.
Two clicks north, three clicks east.
All right, three clicks east.
Let's blast ourbig giant ones.
Fire in the hole!
Direct hit!
Oh, my God.
I love the smell of boobies in the morning.
Hey, so how's it going with Denise?
Well, okay, so we hooked up and she gave me a couple ofhand jobs.
Hand jobs?
They're actually the best hand jobs I've ever had in my life.
Oh, really?
Shut up!
The only problem is I try to stick my hand down her pants,
she keeps... Pulls my hands away.
She says she's embarrassed.
Maybe she has an abnormally large bush.
Yeah, or maybe she's got a yeast infection.
Come on.
Maybe she's got a dick.
What? Crying Game? Boys Don't Cry?
That's based on true stories, boys.
No, there's no way.
Hey, man, maybe she's a hermaphrodite.
Transvestite? A little Shanghai Surprise!
Well, come on. You said yourself,
she gives you the best hand jobs you've everhad in your whole life. Right?
Yeah, so?
So, how do you think she got so good at it?
Probably from working her own gear.
So you guys think that I might have been hooking up with a dude this whole time?
Maybe. There's only one way to find out.
You gotta get into those pants.
Oh, wait. This is too perfect. Load it up. Load it up, right now.
What the...

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