American Pie Presents Beta House (2007): Meeting Wesley


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The clip Meeting Wesley from American Pie Presents Beta House (2007) with Jonathan Keltz, Mei Lloyd

Hey, Stacey, my hands are wet. I can't get this beer open.
Will you do it for me?
Thanks. Those Kegel muscle exercises are really paying off, huh?
So what do we have to do to become Betas?
Well, obviously, you guys are cool with me.
What you need to do is impress the rush chair, Wesley.
Have you guys met Wesley?
You haven't? All right. He's in the other room.
Come on, I'll introduce you. Follow me.
Don't be fooled by his appearance.
His nickname is the Blackout Menace.
He's a perfect student,
except forhis habit of getting belligerently drunk,
blacking out, causing complete and total mayhem,
and neverremembering a thing.
Excuse me. Where is this plane going to?
Thank God.
All right, excuse me. Where is it coming from?
Whose kid is that?
Yours. You adopted him yesterday.
Hey, buddy.
Are you serious?
Yep, just dropped Sung Lee off at their embassy this last week.
Kid nearly caused an intemational incident.
Sorry to interrupt. Wesley, this is my cousin and his buddies.

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