Lost in Translation (2003): Chatting with Husband


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The clip Chatting with husband from Lost in Translation (2003) with Scarlett Johansson

At the fitting today, they had all these... rock and roll clothes, but the band wasn't tough at all.
The label guy kept saying "More lock and loll," but it's much better if they're just skinny and nerdy like they came in, you know?
They're making them wear these Keith Richards clothes, and it's just ridiculous.
They should let them be who they are, don't you think?
Yeah, that's exactly what I was saying.
But then you try to... I mean, you know...
That's what I think.
Do you think this is done?
I don't know. I don't know.
Would you... would you please stop smoking?
I like to. I don't really smoke that much.
It's just so bad for you, though.
Well, I'll stop later.

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