Away We Go (2009): Fighting at Dinner

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The clip fighting at dinner from Away We Go (2009) So, have you chosen a doula? I already had one. A littl...
The clip fighting at dinner from Away We Go (2009) So, have you chosen a doula? I already had one. A little weird, but good. A doula, Burtie, not a dolma. (ALL LAUGH) We are not using a doula. Really? Who is your midwife? Oh, no, no. Midwives and doulas are for when the husband is clueless or doesn't want to be involved. And I'm neither of those things. I'm really looking forward to being involved. That's great, Burtie. I totally understand, and I think that's great, but don't you think Verona might want someone there who really understands the female experience? Oh! There's this great Simone de Beauvoir quote. I can't remember the book, but I'll find it for you. It's something like, "One is not born, but becomes, a woman." What does that have to do with... But it is worth it. The pain is so enlightening. And now, having experienced childbirth, I watch CNN and I really feel like I understand war. On top of which, when I had Wolfie, I had the most enormous orgasm. It was so beautiful. This soup is delicious. Alice Walker said, "There's nothing more important than how we enter this world." And I agree with her. And my mom had a hospital birth. The stirrups, the machines, the drugs. (CHUCKLES) And she wonders why I can't walk into a dry cleaner's without vomiting. Okay, can that maybe be the last bit of parental advice we get tonight? Just a... Just a thought. Honey? Are you counting on this job interview tomorrow? Where is it? Mutual Choice. No, not really. Because I'm already doing fine. This would just be a better commission rate. (SNICKERS) Commission rate. What is it again, exactly, that you do, Rod?