Away We Go (2009): the Baby's Heart Rate


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The clip the baby's heart rate from Away We Go (2009)

Her heart rate's pretty slow.
What is it?
It's like 115.
That seems normal enough, right?
Well, it's supposed to be between 120 and 160.
She's just mellow. Mellow's good.
I don't want mellow now. I want lively now, mellow later.
I think it's fine.
That's 'cause you don't want to fight.
We should fight more, just get riled up.
Didn't we fight last night?
No, we discussed.
We need to fight. You never raise your voice.
You've done something wrong, and I'm really bothered by it.
Man, am I cross. Real mad.
(LAUGHS) No, it has to be convincing.
Like, should I swear?
No, just raise your voice.
(SHOUTS) You cuntsucker!
I didn't mean now.
But the element of surprise is so crucial.
You've never heard me say "cuntsucker" before, have you?
No. See?
And I will get that heart rate up. I know what I'm doing.

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