Away We Go (2009): Catching Up with Verona's Sister


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The clip catching up with verona's sister from Away We Go (2009) with Pete Wiggins

Beckett, what is that?
That's a fern.
That's right, this is a fern.
What's that? That's a cactus.
That's a cactus, that's right.
And what is the plural of cactus, huh?
That's right! What is that?
That's right, that's a baby.
This lady is about to have a baby? Any day now.
Or in 3 months. Thank you.
Beckett. Hey, tell the nice lady what you know about babies.
No. Go on, tell the nice people what...
Beckett, you're being rude.
Babies like to breathe, and they're good at hiding it.
I put a pillow over a baby.
I thought she wasn't breathing, but she was.
She was sneaky, but I'll try again.
Holy shit, you're actually showing!
I know!
I love that dress! Look what you did to my sister, Burt.
So, you want to get a drink here or go out? Do you need to eat?
We don't want to go out there.
Not right now. No, it's like an oven.
Yeah, it's pretty hot.
No, no, I mean, literally, like an oven.
Like if you were in an oven, that's what it would be like.
It's almost like God's trying to melt us
all down and make something better.
Wow, Burt. That is so stoney.
Well, it's just the Bible.
2 days ago, he asked me if I liked music.
Like music is something people don't like?
You know, he posed the question like it was some great conversation-starter.
"Grace, do you like music?" It was painful.
I don't know, I wish somebody would ask me that sometime, you know?
'Cause that's a probing sort of intelligence, I think.
Really? Yeah.
I mean, he doesn't assume the obvious. He's a lawyer, right?
A tax attorney. Tax attorney, that's what I mean.
So he's gotta be smart, he's gotta be wily.
He drives a cabriolet.
A cabriolet, that's good design. Good mileage.

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