Away We Go (2009): Arriving to Tucson


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The clip arriving to tucson from Away We Go (2009)

VERONA: Hey, listen, I need you to concentrate for a second, okay?
BURT: Okay. VERONA: My sister's been dating
this guy named Rob, who seems nice, but she thinks he's boring.
He likes going to steakhouses, that kind of thing.
Good afternoon, madam. Hi.
Wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing, steakhouses?
Bad. Anyway...
Like an Outback Steakhouse?
I'm not sure.
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse?
I honestly don't know.
But we need to make him seem cool.
She loves you, Burt. She'll value your endorsement of this guy.
I got it.
And don't look at her boobs.
BURT: No, I'm over it. I was better last time.
Yeah, but she's bigger now. She went on the pill
and she's been complaining about getting new bras and everything.
Wait a minute. Why don't you go on the pill?
VERONA: Huh! Let me think.

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