Love Actually (2003): Meeting the Cleaning Lady


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The clip meeting the cleaning lady from Love Actually (2003) with Colin Firth, Elisabeth Margoni

[ Bell Jingling ]
Ah, bonjour, Eleonore. Bonjour, Monsieur Bennett.
Welcome back. And this year you bring a lady guest?
Uh, no, there's a change of situation. It's just me.
Oh. Am I sad or not sad?
Well, I think you're not surprised. And you stay here till Christmas?
Yeah, yeah. Good.
Well, I find you a perfect lady to clean the house.
This is Aurelia.
Uh, bonjour, Aurelia.
[ Speaking Broken French ]
Uh, unfortunately she cannot speak French,just like you.
She's Portuguese.
Ah, ah.
Bon giorno. Eusebio.
Uh, uh, molto bueno.
I think she's ten years too young to remember there was a footballer called Eusebio.
And the molto bueno is Spanish.
Right, right. Uh, well, anyways, it's nice to meet you. And--
Perhaps you can drive her home at the end of her work. Oh, absolutely.
Con grande, uh, presoro.
Which is what? Turkish?
Uh, bella.

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