Love Actually (2003): in the Car with Natalie


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The clip in the car with natalie from Love Actually (2003) with Lúcia Moniz

How far is this place? Just around the corner.
Ah, right. Well, uh,
I just wanted to say, um, thank you for the Christmas card.
You're welcome. Look, I'm so sorry about that day.
I mean, I came into the room and he slinked towards me and there was a fire, and he's the president of the United States, and--
Nothing happened. I promise.
And I just felt like such a fool because...
I think about you all the time, actually.
And I think you're the man that I really... We're here.
Oh, wow. That really was just round the corner. Uh--
Well, look, I, uh--
I think I'd better not come in, you know?
Last thing anyone wants is some sleazy politician stealing the kids' thunder.
No, please come. It'll be great.
No, I-
I'd better not.
But I will be very... sorry to drive away from you.
Just give me one second.

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