Love Actually (2003): Billy Mack is Number One


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The clip billy mack is number one from Love Actually (2003) with Wes Butters, Bill Nighy

Who is number one on the Radio One Chart Show tonight?.
Is it Blue or the unexpected Christmas sensation from Billy Mack?
Well,you might have guessed it, although you may not believe it.
It's Billy Mack.!
[ All Cheering ]
You are the champion!
[ Man On Radio ] Hi, Billy.
Hello. We're live across the nation, and you're number one.
How will you be celebrating?
I don't know.
Uh, either I could behave like a real rock and roll loser and get drunk with my fat manager, or... [ People Laughing ] when I hang up I'll be flooded by invitations to a large number of glamorous parties. [ Whooping, Cheering ]
Let's hope it's the latter. And here it is, number one from Billy Mack, it's Christmas is All Around. Oh,Jesus! Not that crap again!
Bill. It's for you, babe.
Hello. Elton! Of-Of course.
Of-Of course.
Send an embarrassingly big car, and I'll be there.
It's gonna be a very good Christmas.
[ All Cheering ]

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