The Secret of My Succe$s (1987): Christy Dumps Howard


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The clip christy dumps howard from The Secret of My Succe$s (1987) with Richard Jordan, Helen Slater

Where were you all weekend?
At least begin with "good morning. "
I'm madder than hell!
I want to know why you weren't answering your phone.
I owe a lot to you, Howard.
I'll always be grateful for the chance you gave me in this company...
and the things I've learned.
What is this? What are you leading up to?
I wanna work with you.
I respect you more than you know, but...
I can't be involved with you outside the office any more.
Yes, I'm looking for the transportation costs from Toledo dating September-
I'll call you back.
Look, I'm not gonna pressure you on this.
I want you to take your own time...
and decide what's best for you.
Thank you.
I do think the timing's a little ironic, though.
I was gonna tell you last night...
that Vera and I have agreed on terms for a divorce.
I only wish that Vera and I could have worked things out sooner.
That way, you and I might have had a chance.
This arrived this morning by messenger.
Davenport has called an emergency meeting...
of the board of directors for Monday morning...
and he's offering to take over the company.
I'm inviting all key personnel to spend the weekend at my house in Litchfield.
I'd like you to be there too.
Of course I'll be there.
One more question

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