The Secret of My Succe$s (1987): Uncle Howard Needs a Favour


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The clip uncle howard needs a favour from The Secret of My Succe$s (1987) with Michael J. Fox, Richard Jordan

You wanted to see me, sir?
Oh, yeah, Brantley.
I want you to know I've been watching you very closely lately.
You have?
I know everything you've been up to.
You do?
Sir, I can explain this. See, I didn't know who that was-
I know, for example, that you've been working hard in the mailroom.
You've kept your eyes open and your nose clean.
You stayed out of trouble.
I'm gonna reward you for that one of these days.
But first I'd like to ask a favour of you.
You name it, sir.
We'll talk about it while we work out.
You like to sweat, don't you, Brantley?
Your Aunt Vera seems to have taken an instant liking to you.
I hadn't noticed.
It's obvious.
I think she'd like to get to know you a lot better.
I want to encourage that.
I'd like you to spend lots of time with Aunt Vera...
at the party this weekend.
Men like us can't be locked in to one woman, Brantley.
We need variety. Keeps us young, energetic, competitive.
You get my meaning? Of course you do. We're men of the world, right?
Now, a problem has developed.
I have a friend, a companion-
A girl.
She's been getting a little antsy lately.
Wants me to leave my wife.
Well, I'm not about to leave my wife- not for her, not for anyone.
I just need a little time to get the situation under control again.
Not altogether.
Well, I'm inviting her out to the party this weekend...
and we're gonna spend a little time together...
which is why I need you to keep your Aunt Vera...
occupied as much as possible.

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