The Secret of My Succe$s (1987): Uncle Howard Comes Home


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The clip uncle Howard comes home from The Secret of My Succe$s (1987) with Margaret Whitton, Michael J. Fox

I'm gonna see that my husband gives you a leg up.
I think we've done pretty well so far by ourselves.
I mean Pemrose.
No, thanks.
No, I'm gonna make it to the top by myself.
God, you're adorable.
I could spend a week inside those sweet, unwrinkled eyes.
Can I make a personal observation?
Anything but the thighs.
Somebody sold you a bill of goods and convinced you you had to be 21 forever.
That's bullshit! I think you're terrific.
The only thing wrong with you is your husband is a jerk.
You're beautiful. You're intelligent.
You're sensuous.
Say that again!
Which part?
All of it!
Oh, no!
What? What is it?
It's the jerk.
My husband.
My uncle.
Your what?
Oh, God! That makes you-
Auntie Vera?
What's my mother gonna say?
I've disgraced my whole family.
The hell you did!
Not funny! Okay? This is not a funny moment in my life.
Relax. Who's gonna find out?
I'm home!
He's gonna find out. That's who's gonna find out.
Don't worry! He won't fire you.
There's no way I'm gonna get a raise out of this.
Vera, what's the company car doing in the driveway?
It broke down, darling. The driver had to take the train back to town.
No, he didn't, darling. He's in here having trouble with his fly.

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