The Secret of My Succe$s (1987): Asking for a Job


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The clip asking for a job from The Secret of My Succe$s (1987) with Richard Jordan, Michael J. Fox

So you're one of the Kansas Fosters, huh?
Shirttail relative, to say the least.
I know you probably told your secretary to get me outta here in five minutes.
So I'll get right to the point.
I need a job, Uncle Howard.
Around here, I'm Mr. Prescott.
Do you have any idea what we do here?
Yes, sir.
Pemrose is a multinational conglomerate with 27 different divisions.
Products ranging from dog food to guided missile systems.
There are 30,000 people working in this building alone.
Their accumulated salary is higher than the gross national product...
of half the nations in the Common Market.
Last year we borrowed more money from banks than Mexico did.
It's a great company, Uncle-
Mr. Prescott. That's why I'm here.
What can you do for us, Brantley? What experience have you had?
Practically none.
But I believe in myself.
Doesn't that count? Deep inside, I know I can do anything if I get a chance.
Think back to when you were my age.
Remember how you felt when you went after that first job.
Remember how you wanted it so badly...
you couldn't sleep the night before the interview.
Remember how crushed you were when the guy said...
"What kind of experience have you got?"
You wanted to shake your fists and say...
"I can do anything if I can just get a chance. "

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