Cats & Dogs (2001): Arriving at the Dogs' Headquarters


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The clip Arriving at the dogs' headquarters from Cats & Dogs (2001)

You calling headquarters?
No, we're going there.
Now, we can push the big button. Hang on!
Nav systems.
Raising anchors. We're go for launch.
Hold onto your tail, kid!
Velocity at 625 feet per second.
You are clear for EVA.
Canine transport loading at platform 2.
282nd Airborne Chihuahuas, report to your briefing.
This is it, kid. Welcome to HQ.
Roll over!
Roll over! Sit!
Spaying and neutering reversal procedures on level 3.
For defensive purposes, of course.
Of course.
Personnel are required to curb themselves.
Remember to scoop your poop.
Testing, testing. You've reached headquarters. Please log in.
Tiger, what are you doing?
Bad dog!
Recognize these humans?
If you want to see them alive again...
...bring the formula and all notes...
...regarding Mr. Brody's research to the 9th Street Pier at midnight.
If you refuse, well, they will be put to sleep.
Assemble the delegates.

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