Cats & Dogs (2001): Trying to Take over the World


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The clip Trying to take over the world from Cats & Dogs (2001) with Sean Hayes, Jon Lovitz

Mr. Mason, I have someone to see you.
It's Mr. Tinkles time, Mr. Mason.
Tonight, he's wearing something very special for you.
Does that make you happy, Mr. Mason? Are you happy now?
See how happy you make him? You make his heart go "boop. "
I leave you two young things together.
Evil does not wear a bonnet!
Coming out. Is she gone?
Did Genghis Khan wear a bonnet? Attila the Hun? No.
He wore a furry hat. Maybe a black bonnet?
The ninjas failed. Failure is unacceptable.
If they show their faces, you know what to do.
Tell them to wash with a loofah sponge. Kidding.
This can't be happening. I want them eliminated!
But they did bug the phone.
Maybe we can look at the glass as half-full.
That's what I like to do.
Putting a happy face on things. Interesting philosophy.
Did you forget we're trying to take over the world?!
The clock is ticking. We've a small margin for error.
Tomorrow, you will send in the Russian.

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