Rush Hour 2 (2001): Buying Suits


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The clip Buying suits from Rush Hour 2 (2001) with Jeremy Piven

That's where we're going.
When we get in there, you stay a couple steps behind me.
You smell a little funky. I think you stepped in rat shit.
It was a cowboy hat, and now it's a pith helmet.
Hold on. Talk to you in a bit.
Hi. Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm gonna need black, 42 long...
and nothing touches this body but pure silk.
And get my partner something from the kids' department.
Would your partner like to be wrapped in silk as well?
Some people think it's tacky, but I enjoy it when couples dress alike.
No, this ain't no couple thing, man.
We're police officers on a dangerous case, and we need clothes.
Yes. There are a lot of men chasing us.
As well they should be. You have nothing to worry about, OK?
Because I'm gonna turn you two into the belle of the ball.
Thank you.
Absolutely. Let's start with you.
You've got a mochaccino face, wonderful skin, and the big, broad shoulders.
Let's put a dead animal on you. Croc skin.
Butter cream, croc skin, butter cream...
What size is the waist? Let's go in.
Hey! Watch it, sweetness!
He's got some fire to him.
Honey cups!
I like that.
Go get the clothes! Hurry up!
I'll pull some items. Oh, Jesus. Li'I Kim, I'll be back.
You see that?
He likes you.
I'm not shopping with you no more.

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