Rush Hour 2 (2001): Saying Goodbye to Carter


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The clip Saying goodbye to Carter from Rush Hour 2 (2001) with Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan

I saw that.
You sly devil, you. She kissed you, didn't she?
You played it cool, too, walking away and not looking back. I like that.
Yeah. I'm a player.
Where is she headed?
She's going to New York.
Is that your gate down there?
Well, I'm this way.
Guess that means good-bye.
I guess so.
Thank you, Carter.
Take good care of yourself, Lee.
Oh, Carter.
Yeah, Lee?
What's up?
There is something I want you to have.
No. This is your daddy's badge. I can't take that, man. No way.
It's OK. No. Finally, I can let it go.
Thank you, man. Hey.
You know what? I got something for you too.
I got it at the tables this morning at Caesar's. I'm still hot.
I can't take this.
Don't worry. I got a lot more.
Go ahead. Enjoy yourself.
No, Carter. I can't have this.
Would you stop acting like a cop for one second and live it up?
There got to be something you want. Come on.
Think about it.
This is the final boarding call for Flight 44 to La Guardia.
I always wanted to go to Madison Square Garden, see the Knicks play.
New York City?
First class.
The Plaza Hotel?
Maybe a little mu shu?
Amen to that, brother.
So, what do you say?
You know what, man? I can use another vacation.

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