Rush Hour 2 (2001): Help from Kenny


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The clip Help from Kenny from Rush Hour 2 (2001) with Jackie Chan, Don Cheadle

How you know?
C-notes, right?
Any of 'em came through here?
One of my regulars came in a few days ago...
dropped about 50 large on the tables in there.
I was about to go down there with my boys and tune his ass up...
but he comes in the next day with the whole thing.
Brand-new one hundred dollar bills, sequential.
I figure they're fake, 'cause this guy's got a regular day job.
So I test 'em, and they checked out.
You still have the bills?
Still got my lunch money from the third grade.
Let me see 'em.
Hold it. What are you doin'?
It's fake.
He got you. Who you say gave that to you?
Cat named Zing. Work down at Reign Plaza.
You better hope you find him before I do.

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