Rush Hour 2 (2001): Tan Confides in Lee


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The clip Tan confides in Lee from Rush Hour 2 (2001) with Chris Tucker

What the hell is going on here, Lee?
Remember I told you my father was a policeman?
Ricky Tan was his partner.
Hu Li, you disappoint me.
Have you forgotten where you're from?
Don't forget who you work for.
You think you could ever be a leader?
Lee, I've been expecting you.
Please ask your partner to wait inside.
I ain't goin' nowhere.
It's OK.
I'm not leavin' you alone.
I'll be fine.
You sure?
I'll be right upstairs.
I know what everybody's saying.
I did not blow up the American embassy.
I'm not that stupid.
But I believe some of my people did.
My enemies are trying to frame me.
There is a war going on right now within the Triads.
I'm afraid I'm gonna lose this time.
If your father were still alive, I would turn to him for advice.
Please don't.
Lee, I really need your help. I cannot trust anybody else.
Tell me why they killed the customs agents.
I'll give you all the information you need...
but you've gotta get me out of Hong Kong right away.

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