Bowfinger (1999): Kit Discusses Scripts


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The clip Kit discusses scripts from Bowfinger (1999) with Eddie Murphy, Claude Brooks

Damn it! I'm the biggest black action star in the world!
Where's my "Hasta la vista, baby"?
If Arnold Schwarnzen-cracker is gettin' to say lines like that...
...then I deserve equally well-written shit.
The script has that moment.
You say, "I enjoyed meeting you, Cliff. " Then you push the guy right over the cliff.
But the audience has to know the guy's name is Cliff, and he's on a cliff.
It's too cerebral. We're trying to make a movie, not a film.
You're supposed to be the agent!
You better find me a line like the time I told Tommy Lee Jones...
..."Fuck you," and blew his brains out.
You know what's happening?
Another example of the white man taking all the best catch phrases...
...and then giving them to Arnold or Stallone.
Exactly. And Jackie Chan and Van Damme.
They can't even speak English good.
There's covert stuff goin' on. Some covert shit I just found out.
I'm glad you're here. Come in here.
Right now, everybody. Come here.
What you talkin' about?
Just for fun...
...I scanned the script to see how many times the letter "K" appears.
The letter "K" appears in this script 1,456 times.
That's perfectly divisible by three.
So what're you saying?
What am I sayin'?
"KKK" appears in this script 486 times.
The sickness is deep.
He's playing you.
I've been played.
That's really not the case here.
This is a great script. It's not Shakespeare, but...
What'd you just say?
I said, "It's not Shakespeare, but... "
It's not... Did you hear what he's doing?
He's doing something. I just can't put my finger on it.
What's he doing?

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