Dead in 3 Days (2006): Kill Deer


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The clip kill deer from Dead in 3 Days (2006)

Let's call a vet.
Are you nuts? I might just as well hand in my drivers' license.
We can't just leave it here.
It'll die, anyway.
Someone'll have to finish it off!
Don't look at me!
You drove!
So what!
I can't do it.
But it's suffering!
Then you do it!
Me? It's your fault!
Sure. And how am I supposed to do it?
Drive over it.
I don't care what you do, just do it.
Shit! I can't.
I'll call a vet.
Let's go!
I had to do it, Nina! The poor thing was suffering.
I'm really sorry, hey.
Forgive me?

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