Dead in 3 Days (2006): to the Lake


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The clip to the lake from Dead in 3 Days (2006)

I almost wouldn't care if he showed up with some slut.
As long as he shows up.
Try to put your mind at rest.
There's nothing we can do right now.
That's what upsets me so.
I called some people.
No one got that text.
I'm sure it was Pat.
Martin bothered him.
Maybe he kidnapped him to get Nina.
You watch too much T.
I'm sure he sent the text.
He's dumb enough.
But why'd we all get it?
He was always jealous of us, or envious.
That's no reason to kill.
If so, my Dad would long have killed his customers.
Maybe he sent it to us all to divert the suspicion.
Be serious!
And why three days, not two or four?
I don't know.

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