The Jackal (1997): Try out Super Gun Part 2


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The clip try out super gun Part 2 from The Jackal (1997)

Yeah! Spall!
Well, at least... took out the target.
No, it's off... at least three millimeters.
No, dude. That's precision craftsmanship.
It isn't off by three millimeters.
So, Lamont...
...tell me how you sight in this thing automatically.
Punch in the windage and the elevation you want and hit enter.
So you just kind of guestimate it, huh?
Basically guestimation.
And hit enter.
I give up!
I guess the automatic sighting works.
I thought I was about to sprawl.
Well, Lamont...
...gonna have to speed-test it now.
Speed test.
So, run.
What do you mean?
I mean run, now.
Run to your right!

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