The Jackal (1997): the Marina


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The clip the marina from The Jackal (1997)

Preston, can I talk to you?
Look, he saw me. He wasn't surprised.
Like he was expecting me.
One of your team is playing for the other side.
I can vouch for every man on this team.
You've got a traitor.
This is not the IRA.
We don't get infiltrators.
Somebody got to him.
This is a manhunt, not your cause. Don't make it personal.
What do you fucking know?
I'll tell you what I know.
I know the Jackal set you up in that arms deal in Libya.
I know Isabella was wounded when you walked into the trap.
I also know that it was the business you had chosen.
Did you also know that Isabella was pregnant when she got shot?
That our child didn't survive?
Don't tell me it's not personal, Mr. Preston.
I can't let you jeopardize us in a vendetta.
There's no vendetta.
All I hope for is a fresh start, you know?
Maybe it'll happen.

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