The Jackal (1997): Find Isabella Part 2


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The clip find Isabella Part 2 from The Jackal (1997) case Mulqueen gets happy feet.
...however he plays it, we play it straight.
Isabella Zancona's involvement remains classified.
That means nothing in the report.
No name, no location, nothing. Got it?
Yes, sir.
I never knew his name, but he was definitely American.
He had some kind of special military training...
...where he learned Spanish, in El Salvador, I think.
I didn't like talking to him.
I suppose we were all dangerous people...
...but he was different.
Declan was fire, all passion. He had a cause.
This man was ice. No feeling, nothing.
Okay. Thank you, Mrs. Decker. You've been very helpful.
It's best if you keep our conversation confidential, even from your husband.
Don't worry about George.
He doesn't know anything about my past and he doesn't want to.
All he needs to know is that I love him.
I see.
I thank you again.
I'll wait for you in the car.

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