The Jackal (1997): Jack Black


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The clip jack black from The Jackal (1997)

Subassembly of titanium, as light as the stresses will allow.
The arm's got to traverse 270 degrees.
Feed and drive mechanisms run on 210 amp servos.
The whole thing's has to run off 12-volt DC.
Yeah, it's a car battery. That's cool.
How much weight is the arm supporting?
Fifty-five kilograms.
It's a big fucker, yeah?
Hey, you want one?
I'm gonna want this in eight days.
I can do that.
How much?
Well, the titanium's gonna be a problem.
It's a listed material up here. It's gonna take time, a little more money.
I mean, like, $40,000.
All right. Half now, half on delivery.
This sucker's definitely gonna kick some ass, yeah?
Get this straight.
When you finish this unit, you'll turn over the plans and scrap material.
You'll forget about Charlie Murdock and the tech specs on these plans.
Shit, man, I'm cool.
All right.

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