The Jackal (1997): Airport


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The clip airport from The Jackal (1997)

Here's how it'll go, Mulqueen.
You will be searched on a random schedule. If we turn up a paper clip...
...that hasn't been authorized, I'll send you back. Same for using the phone.
What? You don't trust me?
As far as I can throw you.
But I have little choice.
If you've got any thoughts about an IRA snatch...
...we'll shoot to kill, them and you.
And not necessarily in that order. Understand?
I heard you.
Go along and we'll get along.
I'm gonna keep a real good eye on you.
Miss Koslova, is it?
What would your first name be then?
Major Koslova.
A wee bit rusty, that's all.

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