The Jackal (1997): Brief


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The clip brief from The Jackal (1997)

Informants tell us Terek's put bounties on all MVD and FBI personnel.
Deputy Director Preston and I have special bounties on our lives.
In two weeks, seven MVD operatives have been killed.
We know we're getting to him.
Informants say this is just the start.
Terek's planning something more dramatic.
Eight days ago...
...Terek and his lieutenants were spotted in the town of Porvoo...
...60 kilometers west of Helsinki.
They're still there, taking the third floor for themselves and their bodyguards...
...all former SPETSNAZ, nine in all.
Not one's left the building in five days.
Their only contact with the outside is this man: Victor Politovsky.
He goes to the post office twice a day for mail which arrives general delivery.
Contact Interpol and get everything you can on Politovsky.
Terek's men are notoriously hard to turn out. Should we get the opportunity...
...we must be prepared to conduct the interrogation with utmost efficiency.
Good day to you, Mr. Preston.
I don't think I want to know what that means.

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