The Jackal (1997): the Plan


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The clip the plan from The Jackal (1997)

Following a low-light helicopter insertion...
...a team could infiltrate the weapon here...
...covering the northern approaches and Route 1.
If your weapon has nearly the range and cyclic rate you're advertising... could engage any ground vehicle and aircraft.
He doesn't have a helicopter or a team to help him set up.
He's alone.
What do you say, Mulqueen?
Well, the only way he can make the kill and escape is from a distance.
So we make sure you're always secure indoors...
...with a perimeter of men outside your location.
And pick our battles?
Tying a noose, if you like.
When he makes his move...
...we tighten the noose and we hang him.
Not exactly foolproof, I know...
...but it's the best we got.
The best we've got?

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