The Jackal (1997): Dressed As a Cop


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The clip dressed as a cop from The Jackal (1997)

She's already on the stage.
Secret Service wants to know what's going on.
Tell them.
No, they'll try to get her off the stage.
If they do that, he'll shoot off into the crowd.
We've worked long and hard to reach our goal...
...and I must say that we have accomplished what we set out to do...
...since we first began...
...with a seed of an idea.
It took many long and hard hours to...
Get the word?
Looking for a dark brown minivan and anything else that's out of place.
The only minivan we found is this red one here.
I checked it out. They got a local parking permit...
...DC tags.
We can check it out again, if you want.
It's probably one of those safer-than-sorry, circle-jerk type deals.
I'll see you.
You guys be safe.

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