The Jackal (1997): Realize


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The clip realize from The Jackal (1997)

You know, when I first moved here...
...I realized I was living in someone else's house...
...and that's a huge burden. You're invited... live in the White House for four years...
You feel like a renter in a sense?
Most definitely. With a lease that's renewable or...
John F. Kennedy said once that if somebody wanted to kill a public official...
...they can get away with it if they're willing to pay the price.
It's impossible to provide 100 percent safety. Would you agree?
There is no way around that, but hopefully...
...there aren't that many people who are willing to do that.
Do you remember Valentina said, "A statement, public and brutal. "
Now, it always bothered me. Why did he keep coming?
He knew we could protect the director, especially once I got involved.

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