An American Tail (1986): Arranging a Rally


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The clip arranging a rally from An American Tail (1986) with Neil Ross, Madeline Kahn

It's me third wake today,
and I'm not finished.
We've got to do something about them cats.
Besides paying Warren T. Rat for no protection.
Oh, oh, poor lad.
So young.
He never had a chance to vote.
Well, he'll vote from now on.
I'll see to that.
It's Gussie Mausheimer.
Ooey, the richest and most powerful mouse in New York.
What's she doing slumming in this part of town?
There's a dead mouse on that table.
It's an Irish custom, Gussie.
The cats got him today.
Pwecisely why I am here to see you.
Would you care for a wee drop?
Today was the worst.
Those cats are killing everyone.
They don't know the difference between wich and poor.
The wretches!
Oh, shameful!
As you know, I've dedicated my life...
to helping those wess fortunate than myself...
That's everyone.
And now you'll help me.
We must have a wawwy.
A wawwy?
What's a wawwy?
You know, a wawwy.
A warge gathewing of mice for a weason.
Oh, a rally!
That's what I said, a wawwy.
Tomorrow at Mausheimer Park,
we will all decide what to do.

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